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Dr. Mustafa Alqaysi is a Consultant Pediatrician/ Pediatric Endocrinologist in the UAE since 2006. He was associated with Specialized Center for Endocrinology and Diabetes in Baghdad, Iraq, as a Consultant Pediatric Endocrinologist. He has a post-graduate qualication of Arab Board achieved in 1990 and has developed special interest in Endocrinology and Diabetes. He obtained his Diploma in Dyslipidemia from Boston, USA, and Diploma in Diabetes from Leicester University UK. Moreover, he has Fellowship of American college of Endocrinology (FACE) and IBCLE, Geneva (International Board Consultant Lactation Examiner).

Dr. Mustafa is an active member of many European and American associations and societies of Pediatric Endocrinology, and a member of the Australian Diabetes Council. He has numerous publications to his credit and managed to write several articles and published papers in both local and regional journals in various disciplines in Pediatrics as well as Endocrine. He has also helped and led several educational events of an excellent caliber

Qualifications & Career Highlights
Areas of Excellence
Abnormal Growth.
Short & Tall Stature.
Abnormal Hypothalamic and Pituitary function.
Adrenal and Gonadonal Disorders.
Calcium and Vitamin D Disorders.
Diabetes Insipidus.
Diabetes Mellitus.
Diseases and Deficiencies of the Thyroid.
Precocious and Delayed Puberty.
Sexual Ambuigity.
All pediatric cases

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