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What is Nuclear Medicine?

  • Nuclear Medicine Department provides diagnostic and therapeutic nuclear medicine services to inpatient and outpatient populations of all age groups.
  • Nuclear Medicine uses safe, painless and cost-effective techniques both to image body and treat diseases.
  • Nuclear medicine imaging procedures often identify abnormalities very early in the progression of a disease-long before some medical problems are apparent with other diagnostic tests.
  • Nuclear Medicine imaging is unique. It documents organ functions, structure and quantification, in contrast to radiology, which is based upon anatomy.
  • SPECT/CT offers hybrid imaging techniques with direct fusion of morphologic and functional information and hence better diagnosis.
  • Nuclear Medicine uses very small amount of radioactive tracer/material to diagnose and treat diseases.

Nuclear Medicine DubaiNuclear Medicine department offers a range of imaging procedures, which provides information about virtually every major organ system within the body. It also provides valuable therapeutic applications such as treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancers, pain relief from certain types of bone cancers Neuro endocrine tumors, prosthetic cancers and radiation synovectomy etc.

Nuclear Medicin UAEClinical Utility

  • Assessment of goiter and thyroid nodules, Diagnosis of cause of hyperthyroidism, post-Operative search for functioning metastasis etc.
  • Localize the parathyroid adenomas in hyperparathyroidism.
  • Analyze kidney function and obstruction.
  • Detection and evaluation of extent of CAD and functions.
  • Lung scan to detect lung clots (pulmonary embolism).
  • Evaluate bones for fractures, infection, arthritis, tumors, vascular and metabolic bone diseases
  • Determine the presence or spread of cancer in various parts of the body
  • Locate infection.
  • Brain blood flow to detect TIA, stroke. dementia, Al zheimers, tremors disorders  etc
  • To detect gall bladder dysfunctions, causes of GIT bleeding.
  • Detection of causes of lower limb swelling.
  • Detection  and work up of Neuro-endocrine tumors
  • Radioiodine treatment for thyrotoxicosis, thyroid cancers etc
  • Detection of the significance of the breast lesions by SMM.
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