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Best Thyroid Surgeon Middle East, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Surgery is the most important thyroid cancer treatment carried out under the guidance of an experienced best thyroid surgeon Middle East, Dubai. To get such surgeries done by using the latest technology, many people travel to the UAE.

Neuro Spinal Hospital in Dubai has some of the best thyroid surgeons Dubai, the Middle East who have the expertise and provide quality treatment and conduct minimally invasive surgery.

Patients are admitted to the hospital on the day of surgery but are required to spend one night in the hospital for the observance. The board-certified best thyroid surgeon Abu Dhabi, UAE appointed by Neuro Spinal Cancer Center UAE informs the patients when they should stop eating and drinking before the surgery.

The patients also get to meet the anesthesia team and undergo necessary blood tests before the surgery.

The highly skilled best thyroid surgeon Middle East carries out surgery under general anesthesia.

Types of Thyroid Cancer Surgeries

The type of surgery completely depends on the type of tumor and what has been diagnosed in the ultrasound and biopsy. Your best thyroid surgeon Abu Dhabi, UAE will share details of the surgery with you and your family beforehand.

Lobectomy – In this type of surgery, only one lobe of the thyroid gland is removed. This surgery is conducted when the tumor is present only in one part of the gland and the doctor suspects that it might have spread to other parts. The best thyroid surgeon Dubai, Middle East knows all the procedures, and how to conduct and prepare everything.

Thyroidectomy – In this type of surgery entire thyroid gland is removed. Even when the entire thyroid gland gets removed, people tend to live normal lives. However, you will have to take one thyroid hormone pill each day.

Lymph Node Dissection – Sometimes, regional lymph node metastases occur in some patients at the time of diagnosis of thyroid cancer. The doctors might suggest the removal of such lymph nodes that are suspected to contain cancer.

Thyroid Cancer Surgery AfterCare

  • Sometimes a small drain is placed near the incision to collect fluid that drains after the surgery. The drain is removed when one gets discharged from the hospital but sometimes it is removed during the follow-up visit. At Neuro Spinal our best thyroid surgeon UAE, Middle East took care of everything.
  • The incision made will fade when one starts healing. However, avoid exposure to the sun as it will make the scar more visible. When outdoors cover the scar with sunscreen.
  • Keeping in mind the age and stage of the thyroid cancer, the radioactive iodine treatment might be conducted to destroy the tissue and remaining cancer cells thus making sure that cancer will not return. Neuro Spinal provides you with the team of the best thyroid surgeon Abu Dhabi, Dubai for thyroid disease.
  • Follow-up care is highly significant for patients with thyroid cancer. Your best thyroid surgeon UAE will discuss with you when to schedule regular checkups including a physical examination.
  • The best thyroid surgeon Dubai, Middle East also conducts periodic blood tests to measure thyroglobulin levels and ensure proper suppression of TSH levels in patients with papillary, follicular, or Hurthle cell cancers.

The Thyroid Center at Neuro Spinal Hospital has a team of the best thyroid surgeon Abu Dhabi and UAE who thoroughly assess your condition and then recommend the best suitable treatment for thyroid cancer.

Dr. Sadir Alrawi is Best Thyroid Surgeon Dubai

If you have ever been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, or you have more than one thyroid condition. Your best thyroid surgeon Middle East, UAE should recommend thyroid surgery. There are many types of surgical procedure that involves the thyroid and your diagnosis will determine which one is good for you.

For the best result, it is mandatory that you find an experienced and top-notch and best thyroid surgeon Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and one who hasn’t only performed the procedure but has done it a lot of times, among other qualifications.

Types of Thyroid Surgeons

There are several different types of best thyroid surgeons UAE that can perform thyroid surgery. Now come to an extent, the type of surgeon you’ll need fully depends upon your specific diagnosis, but there is much other consideration as well, that has to be considered, how much an experienced surgeon is performing these procedures and the options available where you live.

Types of Best Thyroid Surgeons Abu Dhabi, Middle East and their specialties include: –

General Surgeons: These types of best thyroid surgeon Dubai, Abu Dhabi are able to operate many types of body parts that also include thyroid. Because they don’t specialize in thyroid surgery, however, they aren’t able to perform a high volume of these procedures per year.

The experience is always varied best thyroid surgeon UAE to the best thyroid surgeon Middle East, so now it’s important to ask how much a doctor is familiar with the specific type of surgery you need.

Otolaryngologists: They are generally known as ear, nose, and throat doctors (ENTs) – or we can say head and neck surgeons and best thyroid surgeon UAE, otolaryngologists majorly specialize in treating neck and throat problems.

A study in 2018 has shown that patients having benign thyroid disease were less likely to experience damage to vocal cords when the surgery was performed by an ENT versus the best thyroid surgeon Dubai, UAE. 

Additionally, the best thyroid surgeons Abu Dhabi, Middle East are trained to remove the lymph nodes, which can be necessary in the case of thyroid cancer that has spread to the nodes and close to the thyroid.

Endocrine surgeons: The best thyroid surgeon UAE receive training in surgery of all the endocrine glands that include the thyroid, pancreas, adrenal glands, and pituitary glands.

Oncological Surgeons: Most surgeons that trained in thyroid removal are able to operate the patients having thyroid cancer. However, if removing the cancerous tissue is more complicated than before, then an oncological surgeon may be required to operate.

Surgical Experience and Complications

Research shows that the more experience the best thyroid surgeon Middle East, Abu Dhabi is the less likely you have complications.

At Neuro Spinal Cancer Care Center we provide you with the experienced and best thyroid surgeons UAE who have years of experience with the help of the latest technology they have succeeded in many high cases of thyroid surgery.

We provide a team of the best thyroid surgeons Dubai, UAE who are dedicated to helping you to remove the nodules from your thyroid glands if they are affecting your body with thyroid disease.

Where to Begin

Finding a high-volume and best thyroid surgeon UAE is not an easy task, it is quite tough but not impossible. This is especially true if you’re living in a rural community as it is far then the urban center. 

The best place is to ask your doctor for a referral based on whom a patient should go for thyroid surgery. At Neuro Spinal, you can easily find a team of the best thyroid surgeon Dubai, UAE that is expert in treating thyroid disease and can remove it from the roots.  

We also provide services in Al Andalus Specialist Hospital Baghdad, Iraq.

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