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Treatment for Thyroid Cancer Dubai, UAE

Thyroid cancer is rare compared to other cancers. In the United States in 2019 an estimated 52,070 patients were diagnosed with thyroid cancer compared to over 200,000 patients with breast cancer and 140,000 patients with colon cancer. However, fewer than 2170 patients succumb to thyroid cancer this year. This year, when statistics were collected, over 550,000 patients were alive and living with thyroid cancer. It is usually very treatable and is often cured with surgery and if indicated, radioactive iodine.

Even when thyroid cancer Abu Dhabi is more advanced, effective and well-tolerated treatment is available for the most common forms of thyroid cancer. It is interesting that the number of individuals – both men and women – with newly diagnosed thyroid cancer is increasing at a rate faster than for other types of cancer. The reason for this is unclear. The Department of Thyroid Surgery at Neuro Spinal Hospital has a team of experts who are skilled at conducting minimally invasive surgery for thyroid cancer Middle East.

What are the symptoms of thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer often arises in a lump or nodule in the thyroid and does not cause any symptoms (see thyroid Nodule part). Lab tests generally do not help to find this cancer. Thyroid cancer Dubai tests like TSH are usually normal even when cancer is present. The best way to find thyroid cancer is to make sure your thyroid gland does not have nodules and is not enlarged & the best way to do a neck examination. Generally, thyroid nodules are found accidentally on imaging tests such as CT scans and neck ultrasounds. Sometimes, patients themselves catch thyroid nodules by observing a bulge in their neck while watching in a mirror, knotting their collar, or clasping a necklace. Rarely, thyroid cancers and nodules do cause symptoms. In these situations, patients may tell about pain in the neck, jaw, or ear. If a nodule is large enough to compress the windpipe or esophagus, it may cause difficulty with breathing, and swallowing or cause a “tickle in the throat.” Even less commonly, hoarseness can be caused if cancer invades the nerve that controls the vocal cords.

The important points to remember are that thyroid cancer UAE arising in thyroid nodules generally does not cause symptoms, thyroid tests are typically normal even when cancer is present, and the best way to find a thyroid nodule is to make sure your doctor checks your neck.

At Neuro Spinal Hospital, the team of board-certified doctors has years of experience in treating patients complaining of thyroid in Dubai and UAE.

What causes thyroid cancer?

Thyroid cancer is more frequent in people who have a record of risk too high doses of radiation, have an ancestor record of thyroid cancer, and are older than 40 years of age. However, for most patients, we do not know the specific reason why thyroid cancer Dubai develops.

High application radiation exposure, notably during adolescence, doubles the risk of evolving thyroid cancer in vulnerable patients. Prior to the 1960s X-ray treatments were often used for conditions such as acne, inflamed tonsils, adenoids, and lymph nodes, or to treat enlargement of a gland in the chest called the thymus. All these treatments have been associated with an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer later in life. Even X-ray therapy used to treat serious cancers like Hodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph nodes) or breast cancer has been associated with an increased risk of developing it. If the treatment included exposure to the head, neck, or chest, Routine X-ray exposure such as dental X-rays, chest X-rays, and mammograms have not been shown to cause thyroid cancer UAE.

Thyroid cancer can also be generated by radioactive iodine discharge during nuclear calamities like the 1986 mishap at the Chornobyl power plant in Russia or the 2011 nuclear calamity in Fukushima, Japan, akin to the tsunami. Children are commonly the most afflicted and generally grow cancers within a few years of disclosure. Nonetheless, even grownups exposed to these hazards grow thyroid cancer with increased numbers, occasionally as many as 40 years later.

You can be protected from developing thyroid cancer Middle East in the event of a nuclear disaster by taking potassium iodide. This avoids the consumption of radioactive iodine and has been resolved to cut the risk of thyroid cancer. The American Thyroid Association recommends that anyone living within 200 miles of a nuclear accident is given potassium iodide.

At Thyroid Surgery UAE we have the Department of Surgical and Colorectal Oncology, Head and Neck Oncology, Thoracic & Pulmonary Oncology, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Medical, Pathology & Hematology-Oncology, ICU Oncology, Nutritionists to provide the best treatment for thyroid Cancer Abu Dhabi.

How is thyroid cancer diagnosed?

A diagnosis of thyroid cancer is usually made by a fine needle aspiration biopsy of a thyroid nodule or after the nodule is removed during surgery (see Thyroid Nodule Section). Despite thyroid nodules being very frequent, fewer than 1 in 10 hold thyroid cancer.

What are the types of thyroid cancer?

  • Papillary thyroid cancer

Papillary thyroid cancer is a very popular type, forming up about 70% to 80% of all thyroid cancers. Papillary thyroid cancer can occur at any age. Papillary cancer is likely to grow casually and generally cover lymph nodes in the neck. Nonetheless, contrary to many other cancers, papillary cancer has a commonly great vision even if there is a span to the lymph nodes.

  • Follicular thyroid cancer

Follicular thyroid cancer Abu Dhabi, which makes up about 10% to 15% of all thyroid cancers in the United States (remove), tends to occur in somewhat older patients than papillary cancer. As with papillary cancer, follicular cancer early can cover lymph nodes in the neck. Follicular cancer is also more probably than papillary cancer to build into blood vessels and from there to circulate to far areas, especially the lungs, and bones.

  • Medullary thyroid cancer

Medullary thyroid cancer, which accounts for 5% to 10% of all thyroid cancers, is more inclined to run in households and be combined with another endocrine problem. In family members of a concerned person, a check for a genetic mutation in the RET proto-oncogene can point to an initial analysis of medullary thyroid cancer and, afterward, curative surgery to discard it.

  • Anaplastic thyroid cancer

Anaplastic thyroid cancer is the most forward and contentious thyroid cancer and is the least acceptable to acknowledge treatment. Fortunately, this type of cancer is rare and found in less than 2% of patients.

  • Thyroid Surgery Middle East Department at Neuro Spinal Hospital has a team of the best surgeons specializing in thyroid in Abu Dhabi and the Middle East who thoroughly assess your condition and then recommend the best suitable treatment for the thyroid cancer you’re suffering from.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, your cancer care team at a Dubai-based hospital will discuss your treatment options for thyroid. It’s important to weigh the benefits of each treatment option against the possible risks and side effects.

Surgery of thyroid diseases in the Middle East by Dr. Sadir Alrawi

Thyroid Surgery by Dr Sadir Al Rawi
Thyroid Surgery by Dr. Sadir Al Rawi

The primary therapy for all forms of thyroid cancer UAE is surgery (see Thyroid Surgery Section). The commonly approved path at the present time is to extract the full thyroid gland in what is termed a total thyroidectomy. Few patients will have thyroid cancer in the lymph nodes of the neck or upper chest. These lymph nodes are extracted at the time of thyroid surgery or frequently, as a later operation. After surgery for thyroid cancer Dubai, patients need to be on thyroid hormones for the rest of their life. Generally, thyroid cancer is healed by surgery only, notably if the cancer is tiny. If the cancer is bigger or if it has cover to lymph nodes or if your surgeon feels that you are at big risk for repeated cancer, radioactive iodine may be used to crush any staying thyroid cancer cells after the thyroid gland is extracted. Please read the Thyroid Surgery UAE Section to learn more details about the risks and benefits of surgery, and what kind of recovery can be expected.

Radioactive iodine therapy

Thyroid cells and most thyroid cancers absorb and concentrate iodine very readily. That is why radioactive iodine can be used so adequately to crush all staying normal and cancerous thyroid tissue after thyroidectomy. The operation to crush or ablate thyroid tissue is termed as radioactive iodine ablation. This produces high concentrations of radioactive iodine in thyroid tissues damaging the DNA in the thyroid cells, eventually causing the cells to die. Since other tissues in the body do not efficiently absorb or concentrate iodine, radioactive iodine used during the ablation procedure has little or no effect on tissues outside of the thyroid cancer Dubai. Two risks are known to happen. In some patients, the radioactive iodine can affect the glands that produce saliva and lead to a having a dry mouth. In other patients, when a high dose of radioactive iodine is necessary, there may be a small risk of developing other cancers later. These dangers are tiny but grow as the doses of radioactive iodine grow. The potential risks of treatment can be minimized by using the smallest dose possible. Balancing potential risks against the benefits of radioactive iodine therapy is an important discussion that you should have with your doctor if radioactive iodine therapy is recommended.

If your physician advises radioactive iodine therapy, your TSH will demand to be elevated prior to the cure. At Neuro Spinal Thyroid Surgery Middle East, this can be done in two ways. The first is by stopping to take a thyroid hormone pill (levothyroxine) for 4-6 weeks. This causes you to become hypothyroid and high levels of TSH will be produced by your body naturally. However, hypothyroidism causes fatigue that can sometimes be significant. To minimize the symptoms of hypothyroidism your doctor may prescribe T3 (Cytomel®, liothyronine) which is a short-acting form of thyroid hormone that is usually taken after the levothyroxine is stopped until the final 2 weeks before treatment. Alternatively, TSH can be increased sufficiently without making you hypothyroid simply by injecting TSH into you! Recombinant human TSH (rhTSH, Thyrogen®) can be given as two injections in the several days prior to radioactive iodine treatment and it is treated well at Neuro Spinal Thyroid Cancer UAE. The benefit of this approach is that you can stay on thyroid hormone and not become hypothyroid. You may also be asked to go on a low-iodine diet for 1 to 2 weeks prior to treatment). This will leave your body iodine depleted which improves the absorption of radioactive iodine and helps maximize the treatment effect.

Once the TSH level is high enough, a pre-therapy iodine scan is often done by administering a small dose of radioactive iodine. This scan concludes how much thyroid tissue is required to be crushed and allows the doctor to compute how big a dose of therapeutic radioactive iodine is required to be managed. At Neuro Spinal thyroid cancer Dubai is treated by all the expert doctors. When used correctly, radioactive iodine therapy has proven to be safe and well-tolerated and it has even been able to cure cases of thyroid cancer that have spread to other parts of the body like the lungs.

Treatment of Advanced Thyroid Cancer Dubai in Neuro Spinal Hospital UAE

Thyroid cancer that spreads (metastasizes) to distant locations in the body occurs rarely but can be a serious problem. Surgery and radioactive iodine are the best ways to cure such cancers as long as these treatments resume activity. However, for more advanced cancers, or when radioactive iodine therapy is no longer effective, other means of treatment are needed. External beam radiation directs precisely focused X-rays to areas that need to be treated—often metastases to bones or other organs. This can destroy or delay the growth of particular tumors. Cancer that has been covered more widely needs extra medical care.

New chemotherapy agents that have shown promise in treating other advanced cancers are increasingly available for thyroid cancer Dubai, treatment in UAE. These drugs barely cure progressive cancers that have been covered broadly throughout the body. However, they can often slow down or partially reverse the growth of cancer. These treatments are usually given by an oncologist (cancer specialist) and often require care at a regional or university medical center.

Depending on the type and stage of your thyroid cancer, the team of doctors at Thyroid Surgery will decide which treatment would be most suitable and whether or not you may need more than one type of thyroid cancer treatment.

What is the follow-up for patients with thyroid cancer UAE?

Occasional follow-up tests are important for all patients with thyroid cancer because they can return—frequently many years after successful basic treatment. These follow-up appointments include an accurate history and physical test, with exact attention to the neck area. Neck ultrasound is also a very important tool to visualize the inside of the neck and look for nodules, lumps, or cancerous lymph nodes that might indicate cancer has recurred. Blood tests are also important for thyroid cancer Middle East patients. All patients who have undergone thyroidectomy require thyroid hormone replacement with levothyroxine once the thyroid is removed.

The potion of levothyroxine recommended by your doctor will in part be driven by the range of your thyroid cancer. More broad cancers need bigger doses of levothyroxine to restrain TSH. In cases of minimal or very low-risk cancers, it’s safe to keep TSH in the normal range. The TSH level is the most sensitive sign of whether the levothyroxine dose is correctly adapted and should be pursued frequently by your doctor. At Neuro Spinal, Thyroid Cancer Abu Dhabi takes care of everything.

Another very important blood test is the measurement of thyroglobulin. Thyroglobulin is a protein created by thyroid tissue and is usually inspected at least once yearly. Thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine ablation, thyroglobulin levels should be imponderable for life.

Therefore, a detectable thyroglobulin level should raise suspicion for possible thyroid cancer UAE recurrence. Noticeable thyroglobulin levels may need extra tests and likely further medical care with radioactive iodine and surgery. Thyroglobulin is mainly calculated either when you’re on thyroid hormone with a below or normal TSH, or after TSH is elevated either by stopping thyroid hormone for 3-6 weeks or after a dose of Thyrogen®. Measurement of thyroglobulin may not be likely in up to 25% of patients who have meddling thyroglobulin antibodies existing in their blood. In these patients, other means of following up are often used.

In addition to routine blood tests, your doctor may want to periodically repeat a whole-body iodine scan to determine if any thyroid cancer Dubai cells remain. Whole-body checking is also done after your TSH level is elevated, either by stopping your thyroid hormone or by managing Thyrogen® injections. Increasingly, these scans are only done for high-risk patients and have been largely replaced by routine neck ultrasound and thyroglobulin measurements that have a higher diagnostic sensitivity especially when done together.

Neuro Spinal Thyroid Center in Abu Dhabi, Middle East

The team of doctors specializing in the treatment of the thyroid in UAE also suggests alternative or complementary methods to treat your cancer or relieve symptoms. These means can contain vitamins, herbs, special diets, or other procedures like acupuncture or massage.

We also provide services in Al Andalus Specialist Hospital Baghdad, Iraq.

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