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Guide To Get an MRI Done Before Breast Surgery and Implants

Guide To Get an MRI Done Before Breast Surgery and Implants

Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) helps the doctor identify cancer lesions and other suspicious areas which are difficult to detect on a mammogram or ultrasound of the breasts. The test may be ordered for women who have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer. This helps breast surgeons plan the best approach to surgery. The findings may influence the treatment plan both before and after surgery.

Here’s a general guide to getting an MRI done prior your breast surgery procedure:

Who May Need An MRI before Having Breast Surgery?

  • Patients who have to undergo surgery to remove or replace their breast implants
  • Patients who have asymmetrical breasts
  • Breast Surgery performed elsewhere and where the implant size and type is unknown
  • Patients with possible breast implant rupture including silent rupture

Why You Need An MRI Scan before Having Breast Surgery?

  • To check the existing breast implant integrity – to investigate the capsule / fibrous tissues.
  • To look for the breast implant rupture
  • To assess Breast Asymmetry and Uneven Breast Proportions
  • To check for existing breast implant integrity – to investigate the capsule/fibrous tissues.
  • To determine the breast FAT to GLAND ratios
  • To discover accurate breast volumes rather than estimates

About MRI Scan of the Breasts

  • You must not be wearing any metal on your body while undergoing an MRI.
  • It is advised to schedule an MRI for between Day 5 and Day 15 of your menstrual cycle.
  • Some people find MRI’s a bit noisy or potentially claustrophobic, but modern rooms are very comfortable and large
  • In some cases contrast injection with dye is given to help provide a more accurate MRI reading.
  • You’ll typically be in and out of the MRI scan within 90 minutes max, and sometimes as little as 30 to 60 minutes.

How Much Does An MRI Cost?

The price range of getting an MRI done at Al Zahra Cancer Center in Dubai will never burn a hole in your pocket. Planning ahead is best. You can call around and book an appointment as per your convenience and comfort.

Prior to surgery, use of breast MRI is not routine and often this test is recommended to the women with dense breasts because it becomes harder to see cancer and other abnormalities on mammogram or ultrasound. Additionally, breast MRI also helps in detecting additional findings in women before surgery.

Breast MRI helps in detecting additional breast cancer if any of the women who do not have dense breasts. It also helps in detecting additional cancer in the area of the breast not near the initially diagnosed breast cancer or in the opposite breast.

Therefore, it is clear that breast MRI is useful for evaluation prior to undergoing breast cancer surgery, regardless the breasts of the women are dense or not.

If you have recently been diagnosed with early breast cancer and are working with your doctor to plan your surgery and other treatments, you should consider a breast MRI. This helps best breast surgeons at Al Zahra Cancer Center in Dubai to plan suitable treatment for you.

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