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This Is How You Should Care For Your Breast Implants After Surgery

For many women undergoing a breast implant surgery is a dream come true. Breast implant treatment is ranked at the top of all cosmetic surgeries performed. Based in Dubai, Al Zahra Hospital conducts breast implant treatment using latest technologies to improve the quality of life and overall outcome.

The long-term results of your breast implant surgery are affected both by the surgical procedure and the aftercare – just after the operation as well as later on. To minimize the risk of experiencing complications and untoward outcomes, it is very much necessary to follow recovery guidelines advised by your breast surgery expert. At Al Zahra Cancer Center, our board certified surgeons make sure to provide their patients with explicit and comprehensive guidelines for the post-operative period and the longer term.

Right After The Surgery – Take It Easy

In the initial phase, just after your surgery, you need to modify your daily activities and lifestyle to help facilitate positive, long lasting and desirable results. For instance, you should avoid driving for a few days and especially when you are taking painkiller medications. Returning to school or office where you don’t have to do much manual work can also be resumed after 4-5 days. Certain labor intensive jobs or those requiring repetitive upper extremity and body movements will require additional time off.

Other activities that should be avoided for at least a month include heavy lifting, workout, sports, training, and running. Exercises and rigorous workouts should be avoided for around 8-10 weeks.

Support Your Implants

For women who might have undergone breast augmentation to enhance the size of their breasts, the importance of a good, supportive bra might seem to be relatively new. After your surgery, you will be required to wear a compression garment for two to three days. It will enhance the healing process and reduce swelling. Thereafter, you will be required to wear a supportive sports bra for at least one week.

Once your breasts have healed, you can turn to the regular non-surgical bras. However, do choose bras that give you adequate support. No matter how small or big the implantation is, it will add weight to your chest and this extra weight can result in premature sagging and aging if you don’t take proper care. Look for quality supportive bras that offer comfort and keep your breasts looking enhanced for years to come.

Go For Routine Breast Compression

After surgery, it is advised to undergo breast implant “compression” so that the breasts keep looking natural and soft. This also prevents the development of excess of scar tissue around the implant. Typically, this procedure begins several days to one week after surgery.

Dr. Sadir Alrawi and Dr. Humaa Darr – surgical oncology experts at Female Surgeon UAE which is a part of Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai – combine their knowledge, expertise and technology while conducting breast implant treatments. If you’re considering breast implantation treatment in Dubai, Al Zahra Hospital is the best suitable place for you.

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