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Hyperparathyroidism and Diet You Should Take

Hyperthyroidism is treatable, but diet also plays a major role in it. Maintaining a simple diet can help maintain overall health. Eating well-balanced meals can help you prevent some of the complications and symptoms of hyperparathyroidism.

However, it is recommended to continue with your prescribed medications along with the diet. Get in touch with your surgeon specializing in parathyroid surgery who will suggest you a good nutritious diet and what all steps you can take to stay healthy while suffering from hyperparathyroidism.

Healthy Foods To Eat In Hyperparathyroidism

  • For calcium – Beans, almonds, and leafy vegetables contain calcium and help in building strong bones. If you’re not allergic to soy, try drinking fortified soy milk for calcium.
  • For overall health – Eat foods such as lean meat like fish instead of red meat. Even tofu is also a good non-vegetarian source of protein.
  • For more fiber – Eat whole grains to get more fiber and avoid constipation.

To reduce the risk of kidney stones, daily make sure to drink six to eight glasses of water. It might also be possible that your doctor recommends you to take the multivitamin that is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals so that you get all the necessary nutrients.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating in Hyperparathyroidism

Cold drinks contain phosphates which make your bones lose calcium, leading to a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. Therefore, cut out the consumption of such drinks to promote bone health.

Avoiding trans-fatty acids, which are typically found in processed foods like cookies and baked goods are also suggested.

If you smoke and drink regularly, quitting will be highly beneficial for your health. Talk to your doctor to suggest ways to quit these habits. Or approach those places where you can be assisted to make quitting easier and fast.


Diet alone will not help you completely overcome the problem of hyperthyroidism, but it will reduce the risk of complications. Get in touch with your thyroid surgeon to know in-depth about the real results that modifications in your diet can bring to your condition.

The doctor might ask you to take vitamin D or calcium tablets for your bones. Prior to using any supplement, check whether it is safe to consume or not.

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