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Dr. Jayesh Sathenjeri RajendraLanguage Spoken: English, Hindi, and Tamil

Dr. Jayesh S. Rajendra is Burjeel Medical City’s Radiology Specialist and holds several qualifications and diverse experience in oncology-related imaging. He started his career in the Oncology Dept of a reputed and leading multi-specialty, tertiary hospital in South India. He later acquired special qualifications and experience in Onco-Imaging from Singapore and also received additional training in renal and liver transplant imaging during his work experience at a global-standard hospital environment in Chennai, India.

A star performer at DNB qualification and a Fellow of the Royal College of Radiology, Dr. Jayesh had earlier qualified with the MMed Degree from the National University of Singapore. At Burjeel Medical City, Dr. Jayesh brings his vast knowledge and skills in the specialty areas of Reporting PET-CT, Transplant Imaging, Onco-imaging, Cross-section Imaging, and MRI. His know-how and experience enhance the hospital’s radiology capabilities to a higher level.

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